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Picture of Skye beach at Claigan - Coral Beaches

One of the most popular beaches on Skye is the Coral Beach in north of Skye. This is a fairly remote beach and you need to walk to it from the car park at Claigan. The beach is made from crushed white coral-like seaweed that also gives the water a beautiful tropical appearance when the sun is shining, especially when the tide is half in, and the water calm.

Whatever the weather this beach is popular and can get fairly busy during summer months even with the 25 minute walk from the car park to the beach. It is a fairly easy walk and most people should find the path suitable with beautiful scenic views along the walk. When you get to the beach it is prefect for family days out and picnics, if you go in for a swim you will find it a bracing experience.

Getting there is fairly straightforward with a car as it is around 10 minutes from Dunvegan Castle along to Claigan. There is a small car park at Claigan that does get busy during the summer, so go early to get a car park space and enjoy your day.

Isle of Skye Beaches

The Hebrides are famous for long glorious sandy beaches and while Skye is not an island one would visit for a beach holiday there are beautiful beaches on Skye and you can easily plan to spend a day or two on different beaches as you explore the island. We have already mentioned the Coral Beach at Claigan, and you can read enthusiastic reviews on this beach location on the internet. Other less well known beaches include Talisker beach and the Sound of Sleat beach, similar to most beaches on Skye they both involve a walk from the car park.

Talisker Beach

The walk is just over a mile and takes around 20 minutes to walk to the beach at Talisker Bay. You will find a beach covered in rounded boulders and when the tide is out you are rewarded with a sandy beach that is enjoyable to walk over and paddle along, especially in warm sunny weather. Whatever the weather conditions you will enjoy seeing the lovely waterfall coming off the cliffs next to the beach. If you are planning a trip to this beach with kids who are looking forward to playing on the sand, then it is best to check on the tide times and plan to go at low tide. When taking dogs to this beach it is advisable to keep them on a leash along the private track / path to the beach as there are often farm stock grazing along the route.

Sound of Sleat Beach | Camas Daraich

The Sound of Sleat beach(s) are often visited as part of a fairly long, fairly strenuous walk to the Point of Sleat (and the automated lighthouse) and should be considered as a proper hillwalk rather than an easy ramble to the beach. It follows an undulating track that can be muddy in parts so proper walking boots are advised. The beach is highly rated by people who have visited this sandy beach and is probably the best beach on the Isle of Skye. Due to the fairly long walk the beach is often fairly empty (around 5.5 miles round trip to the Point of Sleat and slightly shorter to the beach), so not only can you congratulate yourself on taking a healthy walk you can enjoy a wonderful sandy beach, beautiful clean and clear water along with outstanding scenery and views over to the islands of Rum, Canna and Eigg.

The car park is just part of a farm area, please park responsibly and leave access for farm vehicles.

Tips: Keep dogs on the lead near sheep and cattle, take water and food so that you can enjoy the day out without rushing back to the pub. Wear appropriate and comfortable walking boots, take all weather clothing with you even on warm days as the weather can change quickly on Skye. Take midge repellent (as always a necessity in summer) for the walk. Go early in warm, sunny summer days if you want to get parked easily. Take a towel and swimwear if you fancy a bracing swim. There is also a smaller beach closer to the lighthouse.

Braes Beach

This beach is around an 8 mile drive south from Portree on the A87, take the Braes (5 miles) turn off and follow the road until you see a road sign for Balmeanach. Drive carefully until you see a small red letter box on the left, park carefully (and please not on the layby or private roads) and follow the path to the beach. The walk out the Braes peninsula gives you lovely views over to Raasay, there are also caves to explore at low tide. Visit Braes beach for a real adventure, not just a day on the beach. The beach is best enjoyed at low tide. Map and location for Braes beach.

Beaches on Skye - Map locations for some of the Isle of Skye's beaches

Map location for the Sound of Sleat Beach, Skye

Image map of the Sound of Sleat beach  location, Skye

Map location for Talisker Beach, Skye

Map of Talisker beach and location map, Skye

Map location for Coral Beach, Claigan, Skye

Map of Talisker beach and location map, Skye

Map location for Camus Ban Beach, near Portree, Skye

Image map of the Sound of Sleat beach  location, Skye

Camas Ban beach near Portree

This beach is not very far from Portree and does not have any formal path to it. You can go over rough ground to the beach however there is a fairy steep walk down to it that is not suitable for all people.

Another way to get to the beach is by sea from Portree, you do need your own boat or kayak.

This is a lovely secluded beach on Skye and probably fits the description of one the “secret beaches” that can be discovered on the Isle of Skye.

Map location for Glen Brittle Beach, Skye

Map of Glen Brittle beach area and location map, Skye

Glen Brittle Beach

Glen Brittle beach is a large sandy beach and provides an area to enjoy beach activities. There is a car park next to the campsite, next to the beach so there is no long walks to this Skye beach.

The unspoilt beach is a mixture of black volcanic sand with white sand. From the beach you get beautiful views over Loch Brittle and Cuillin mountains. The campsite has a café that provides snacks, drinks and ice creams for the hot sunny days you are looking forward too.

The area around this beach has been called “stunning” and you will find plenty of areas to walk and enjoy the scenery. Picture of beach.

Map location for Staffin and An Corran beach, Skye

Map of Staffin and An Corran beach and location map, Skye

Staffin and An Corran Beach

The smaller beach at An Corran is near the slipway and has a car park next to it. Staffin beach is larger and mostly rocky, you can find nice areas of sandy beach if you walk along the beach, especially at low tide. From An Corran you get a lovely view over towards Staffin Island with its salmon fishing station visible and the poles used to dry the salmon nets. You can also look out for dinosaur footprints.