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Scrabster Harbour and Ferry Port


Scrabster is a harbour, ferry, fishing port and industrial business centre near Thurso in the far north of Scotland. The port is well known for its recreational sea angling with boat trips fishing off the Caithness coast and Orkney. The Scrabster to Stromness Ferry provides year round access to and from Orkney, weather permitting. Scrabster has an important commercial fishing industry where large boat off load their catch for processing and sale, while local boats fish for crab and lobster.

With the development of offshore electricity generation the port has developed the capacity to handle large industrial offshore developments. Scrabster has a number of companies and businesses operating from the ports industrial centre.

Scrabster has accommodation overlooking the port and in the nearby town of Thurso which is about 3 miles away.

Scrabster also has a lovely small beach which can be accessed most days except during high tides. The Pentland Firth Yacht Club has its club house and car park next to the beach.

Scrabster to Orkney Ferry

Orkney Ferry arriving at Scrabster

The Scrabster to Stromness ferry provides a quick way to travel over to Orkney in comfort with the 90 minute ferry journey. During the summer months there is three ferries over from Scrabster to Orkney, Monday to Saturday and two sailings available on a Sunday. Out with the summer sailing times there is two sailing times available from Scrabster.

For all sailings you need to be at the ferry arrival point at least 30 minutes before sailing, for cars boarding the ferry it is recommended you arrive 1 hour before departure. You need photo id such as a passport or drivers licence to board this ferry with a vehicle.

Scrabster Fishing Charter Boats

Scrabster sea angling boat charter

Scrabster Sea Fishing Trips

Scrabster is famous for its tremendous sea angling off the Caithness and Orkney coastline. A number of charter boats for sea fishing trips are available from Scrabster.

The boats Eun Na Mara and Hebridean Warrior are available with an experienced skipper from Chris Bennet who can be contacted on 07989 473204.

One of the best boats in Scrabster for sea angling is Chris Bennett's Eun Na Mara. The boat is very stable and has lots of power to push through heavy seas off Caithness and Orkney. The boat travels at a gentle 12 knots when moving between fishing marks and faster when going over to Orkney and will easily keep at 17 knots through the strong seas in the Pentland Firth.

When planning a fishing trip our from Scrabster it is advisable to wear waterproofs and ideally a proper two piece survival suit to keep you warm and dry. Even during summer months it can be cold while fishing off the north of Scotland.