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Camusnagaul, a small hamlet overlooking Little Loch Broom near Dundonnell, Wester Ross in the Scottish Highlands

Sunset over Little Loch Broom and Camusnagaul

Camusnagaul near Dundonnell in Wester Ross

Camusnagaul is a small hamlet that is close to Dundonnell and a short drive to Ullapool of around 28 miles. It is situated along the south side of Little Loch Broom with beautiful scenery throughout the area. At Camusnagaul you can stay at the privately owned Sail Mhor Croft Hostel on an individual or group basis. Bed and breakfast accommodation can also be found within the area, and at the nearby villages of Laide, Poolewe and Gairloch.

The area around Camusnagaul is well known for the many hillwalking routes, many suitable for the enthusiast while others are challenging and require experience to be undertaken without a professional hill walking guide. From the roadside you can see many of the mountains along with lovely coastal scenery. An ideal location for a walking holiday or simply to get away from it all. Wildlife can be seen throughout Wester Ross with golden eagles, deer, otters, dolphins and many more fascinating creatures to be seen. The area near Dundonnell also has wild goats that can often be seen near the roadside, especially in the early spring.

Waterfalls near Camusnagaul in Wester Ross

Waterfalls near Camusnagaul in Wester Ross

Camusnagaul, Wester Ross

Ardessie Waterfall

A short walk along the A832 you will discover the outstanding waterfalls at Ardessie. After heavy rainfall the falls are spectacular and care needs to be taken when walking up the narrow path. The path provides more delights as you can see the different waterfalls along with the beautiful views over Little Loch Broom.

While driving past Ardessie it is easy to miss the waterfalls as you pass over a fairly narrow bridge with the river banks surrounded by birch trees, so slow down as you pass Camusnagaul while driving south and stop at the waterfalls. You can park carefully nearby and take 20 minutes to walk up to see the waterfalls not easily seen from the roadside.

Wester Ross area around Camusnagaul


Beautiful scenery, gorgeous sunsets and occasionally the Northern Lights are just a few of the delights found throughout Wester Ross

Wild goats not far from Camusnagaul

Sail Mhor and Little Loch Broom

Fishing boat at Camusnagaul

Walk towards Fisherfield from Gruinard

An Teallach and Little Loch Broom in Wester Ross, Scotland.

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Map of Scotland - Location of Camusnagaul

Scotland Map

Location of Camusnagaul in Wester Ross on the NC 500 Tourist Route

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Walk to Loch a' Bhraoin and towards Loch Fannich