Lochleven Castle, Scotland

Lochleven Castle

Lochleven Castle

Lochleven Castle

Lochleven Castle seen from the approach by small boat ferry

Loch Leven Castle

Loch Leven Castle

Lochleven Castle is a ruined castle on an island in Loch Leven and probably built around 1300, the castle was the location of military action during the Wars of Scottish Independence (1296–1357). Mary, Queen of Scots was imprisoned here in 1567–1568, and forced to abdicate as queen.

The castle and island is open to visitors and you travel over to the island on a small boat operated by Historic Scotland. You can learn more about visiting times and costs on the official Historic Scotland website.

Lochleven ferry boat

Lochleven Castle ferry

Visitors arriving back from a trip to Lochleven Castle (picture painting of this photograph)

Map of Scotland - Lochleven Castle

Tower House at Lochleven Castle

The Tower House and prison at Lochleven Castle

Tower House at Castle Island on Loch Leven

Tower House on Castle Island on Loch Leven

Warm welcome at Lochleven Castle, Scotland

On arrival at the Lochleven Castle we got a very warm waggy tail welcome! (original photograph)

Guard dogs at Lochleven Castle

Guard dogs at Lochleven Castle!

Old Canons at Lochleven Castle

Canons at Lochleven Castle

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Loch Leven seen from Castle Island

Loch Leven from Castle Island

Cafe at ferry for Castle Island

Cafe at Loch Leven ferry jetty for Castle Island and Lochleven Castle. We enjoyed our cakes and coffee at the cafe. Very friendly.