John O'Groats Hotel, Caithness, Scotland

John O'Groats Hotel

The newly renovated John O'Groats Hotel

John O'Groats hotel being restored and upgraded with additional holiday accommodation

The John O' Groats Hotel under restoration and upgrading to include more rooms

The old hotel at John O'Groats, Caithnes in 2010

The old John O'Groats hotel before it was restored. This photograph was taken in 2010 before work started to upgrade and improve the hotel. A number of "artstic" projects were paid for before restoration as you can see from the photographs below.

The John O'Groats hotel is the most northerly hotel in the UK mainland and now is part of a multi-million pound holiday and visitor attraction in the far north of Scotland.

The hotel had been left to go derlect for many years before Natural Retreats invested in the John O' Groats Hotel and holiday complex. The holiday facilities at John O'Groats now provides excellent accommodation to support the increasing number of visitors who come to far north for a short break or longer vacation.

On this page we have added a little snapshot of the recent history of the John O'Groats Hotel in pictures. We hope you enjoy seeing the transformation to a modern hotel steeped in history.

John O'Groats Hotel prior to being renovated

The old John O'Groats hotel before renovation work was carried out, harbour view.

John O'Groats Hotel in the past

John O'Groats Hotel Art Project

The John O'Groats art project involved a number of artists and the local community.

John O'Groats Hotel in the recent past

John O' Groats Hotel before restoration

Groats Hotel art project in 2011 before restoration work began.

Hotel art project

Natural Retreats Cafe and Bar

The Natural Retreats excellent Cafe at Groats

The old John O'Groats Hotel murals before restoration

The John O'Groats Hotel art project involved a range of murals on the walls of the hotel before restoration work was carried out.

John O'Groats Hotel art project and wall paintings and murals

The John O'Groats Hotel with mural art in 2011. Now it is a wonderfully restored building offering first class hotel accommodation in the Highlands of Scotland.

John O' Groats Hotel

The newly restored and upgraded John O'Groats Hotel

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