Edinburgh Zoo, Scotland

Edinburgh Zoo Penguins

Edinburgh Zoo Penguins

Edinburgh Zoo Penguins

Zoo Penguin

Edinburgh Zoo is an 82-acre non-profit zoological park in Edinburgh.

The land lies on the Corstorphine Hill, from which it provides extensive views of the city. Built in 1913, and owned by the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, the zoo has many visitors a year.

As well as catering to tourists and locals, the zoo is involved in many scientific pursuits, such as captive breeding of endangered animals, researching into animal behaviour, and active participation in various conservation programs around the world. Visit the official website of the zoo for more information on visiting times and costs.

Edinburgh Zoo Map & Map of Scotland

Chimp at the zoo

Chimp at Edinburgh Zoo

King Penguins at edinburgh Zoo

King Penguins at Edinburgh Zoo

Bactrian camels

Bactrian camels at Edinburgh Zoo

Zebra at Edinburgh Zoo

Zebra at Edinburgh Zoo (picture painting image - see original photograph)

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Addax at edinburgh Zoo

Addax at Edinburgh Zoo